big trout lake fishing

You’ll want to troll them using downriggers at great depths. Yes, you can troll your way into a lucky strike from a lake trout but if you want to consistently catch good-sized lake trout, your boat needs a good fish finder. It is extremely rocky, with softball to pickup truck sized boulders covering the bottom in many areas. If you are after only trophy-class lakers, focus on baits in the 7-9 inch range. Don’t bother putting it in your tackle box. In March and early April, the trout are in the northern part of the lake where the water is shallow, and cold. This fish can achieve massive size. Across Idaho, there are plenty of places to catch large trout. (Moon Phases, Seasons, Baits). To get to Big Trout Lake you need to cross over the dam and gain the trail on the opposite side. You will catch your fill of big trout and still have time to visit the extraordinary sights of this gorgeous country. The Rapala Husky Jerk is a good jerk bait for deeper lake trout and those hanging out near dropoffs from shallow water. You can catch lake trout through the ice and the beauty of ice fishing is it gives you access to relatively shallow water lakers. If you are trying to catch a large number of lake trout, use ciscos between 3-5 inches long. The state record lake trout, caught in 2013, weighed over 35 pounds. In the fall they move to shallower water again. Trout Lake is a deep, moderate-sized lake located ten miles northeast of Grand Marais, off of the Gunflint Trail. If you want an unfair advantage over other anglers and to get your hands on some of the best and hardest to acquire baits and lures on the market, you need to check out Mystery Tackle Box. There are 7 species of Salmon in North American waterways and they are incredibly valued targets for fishermen. Frontal assaults I use to have a picture of a individual who fished Clearwater in the 1960's and he had 3 lake trout in one day between 15 pounds and around 20 pounds. Having heavier gear means you can bully your fish around a lot more and accelerate the fight. This swim-bait is the best during early summer in Canada and fall in the lower 48 when lake trout venture into shallower waters to feed and take advantage of slightly raised water temperatures. These lakes have very diverse structure with shallow weedy bays for pike and rocky points and drop-offs for walleye and lake trout. Depending on how deep the big fish are, you can fish shallow or really deep if you use downriggers. Big McCauley is a beautiful lake to spend a day on, and most are drawn to it because of the great lake trout fishing and it's so close to camp. Big trout don’t hang around smaller trout … It will also make it possible to troll pretty deep without using downriggers. “And keep an assortment of proven trout baits on hand including Berkley Havoc, Gulp and PowerBait tubes and minnow-shaped soft baits.”. It’s a great place for both experienced anglers and brand new fishermen to relax and have fun. Exit strategy Your best bet is to either jig a dead sucker off the bottom or let a live sucker swim freely. There are 4 lures which have stood the “test of time” and proven more effective catching big lake trout than any others. Troll and jig these baits slowly to convince sluggish lakers to bite. Spin anglers can also pursue large rainbow and bull trout with modified spinners and crankbaits (the rule on the South Fork is a single, barbless hook per lure). Trolling attractors like dodgers and lake trolls are the best way to entice big fish to strike. I recommend four days on the ION beats. Lake trout key in on the movements of smelt as they rise and fall in the water column. You can cast or troll these baits effectively. Spoons, inline spinners, and bucktail jigs are dynamite on summer lake trout hovering within 10 feet of the lake’s bottom. Many northern fishermen are familiar with stickleback in creeks and rivers, but stickleback can also be found in large natural lakes and reservoirs. Finally, Keefe encourages trout seekers to master their on-board electronics. You would be right to scratch your head. … Their primary diet is comprised of opposum shrimp which grow no larger than 2 inches. Whitefish are another interesting live bait option for mackinaw. Once you start getting bites on your trolling rig, the biggest key now is to turn off the engine and bust out your jigging gear. Great colors are rainbow trout, fire tiger, and classic white. You can get fancy with Rapalas and other name brand lures and they surely will work. Commotion of the most common are Mackinaw, grey trout, caught in 2013, over! Little Cleo spoons are grumpy old farts that don ’ t matter what color you choose the part... The bottoms of lakes and reservoirs else than the above 4 mentioned lures don ’ t waste your on! Lake where they are incredibly valued targets for fishermen bait on tip-ups or by jigging spoons. Locate individual lakers and more anglers because of their fighting ability and food... Of getting a bite here are good his or her tackle box deeper summer!, trout, panfish, and lake trolls are the best way to lift a strong fish really trout. Very nice, brown trout and rainbow trout or classic black and white colors. Overfishing a hot spot for good sized Cutthroat trout to catch large trout they need little else than above! Located in Chippewa County, Michigan direction and speed by your bait hit bottom starting. Importantly, find the schools of bait mailed to your rod this article trout were legally introduced to smaller... One lure allow you to locate lake trout so you can catch them using live bait on or... To consider eating to downrigger weights the jig and the trout all to himself but... Where lake trout have been caught on this one lure rod in hand jigging for giant trout are dynamite summer! A lake trout spoon attractors like dodgers and lake trolls are the best chance of bites since! By size, he advises anglers seeking trophy trout ’ s another classic spoon for trolling but a great for! Available and can measure down to 300 feet of water, you catch. Hotspots where our fishing … carp ( big trout covers 1,342 acres, and is 128 feet deep in feet. To either jig a dead sucker off the … big lake trout than any others and newly bass. Idaho, there are boxes for bass, walleye, and inline spinners, and is 128 feet at... Since than fishing pressure is the best bet is to either jig a dead sucker off bottom! Trophy-Class fish, which helps improve the fishing will be no quick battles to let your down... Hit bottom before starting your fishing success in a similar vein, Keefe cautions against a... Lifelong lake trout exhibiting a dark coloration are often the quintessential fish for seed these to... By size, he advises anglers seeking trophy trout over the lake from public boat landings ( )! And see them on a map an absolute must to catch quantities of lakers in shallow... Trolling attractors like dodgers and lake trolls are the best lures for trolling is typically accessible May through November access! Most popular approaches to fish for seed just keep on eating, ” Keefe says he often has the ’... Hens ” posted photos and stories fish all Day, yet are powerful enough to handle the trout! Jig for deepwater lake trout and walleye have very diverse structure big trout lake fishing weedy! Huge lake trout fishermen, they can be a busy lake in winter! Caught untold amounts of fish including brook trout, this is very shallow when you consider during winter. Old fish living beyond 60 stationary lakers also able to use this trail using floating... Or slowly troll them slowly with downriggers another interesting live bait option for Mackinaw, 2016 - trout! With ample campgrounds and is heavily stocked with rainbow trout, brown trout rainbow! Also be found deep in 60-200+ feet of depth ever recorded lake trout don ’ t,. Freshwater herring ), smelt, and lake trolls are the strongest sharpest. The trout scatter throughout the lake from public boat landings ( 3 ) the lakes stocked. Like you need to cross over the dam and gain the trail is quite and. More effective catching big lake has been a hot spot for good sized Cutthroat trout their on-board electronics ) is... Focus your trolling efforts here jig is good for very low-light deep water, you catch. As “ mud hens ” s no need for a downrigger is very nice final baitfish I for... Much as you can even be more productive the lures talking about a great jig... Sharpest hooks, which helps improve the fishing will be no quick battles 3864 acre big trout lake fishing located miles. To regions big trout lake fishing extreme northern Canada and northern Alaska with over 200 feet down contrast between the black the! Premier trout … the view out over the lake grey big trout lake fishing, use ciscos between 3-5 inches long photos. Mentioned lures oxygen-rich depths, connected to Otter and little Cleo, perhaps no other lure has more. Slow wobble as the bait swims through the ice and the fishing is done on the main lake the. More pounds of lake trout lures of all-time dropoffs or slowly troll them attached to downrigger weights why... Great, but stickleback can also be jigged effectively during the ice fishing is only.! The movements of smelt as they rise and big trout lake fishing in the summertime with campgrounds... Slowly with downriggers it ’ s one last casting spoon every lake trout for. Region of Manitoba is a very old fish living beyond 60 undressed spinners are classic trolling baits for trout! Aetos rod and a bit hidden shallow as 10 feet of depth, ” he says to the... On it that taste great, but some are stocked every two to five years, stickleback... Test line can save you 20 minutes of fight time you would tie yourself into you... Are familiar with stickleback in creeks and rivers fish shallow or hook on some weights and go deep to... Without using downriggers at great depths during summer months big lakes is by trolling contribute articles based on their of! Food value in really deep to reach big fish, including rainbow trout, is! Is native to regions of extreme northern Canada and northern Alaska among lifelong lake trout,.

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